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FAQ's -M.Tech Sponsored Programme 2018

  1. How to create an account in this site?

    Click on the Register option (top right corner)
    Give login name and email id to get activation link
    Check registred mail for activation link and click on the link to reset the password

  2. I can not get activation link to my email id after created the account?

    Problem/Solution may be one of the following:
    (1)hotmail may not get mail which script sent
    (2) you can click on the "Request new password" and give username or registered mailid in the text box and check registered mail to get activation link

  3. After login in the following steps are to be adhered to

    I - Click on the Edit Basic Profile menu and fill Basic / UG / PG / Additional Qualifying Exam. Details and upload documents
    II - Click on the View my Application menu to check submited info. is correct
    III- Adding experience click again and again for add more
    IV - Click on the Apply to Department menu and select Department, Research area Preference and Project porposal (for Faculty to identify your Research area interest)

    V - Click on the Pay Now / Print Application menu to pay for your application and print your application

  4. How we can reduce the size of image to 1MB (or 1024 KB)?

    Using Windows Mocrosoft Picture Manager software you can reduce size to less than 1 MB
    step 1 - open with Mocrosoft Picture Manager
    Step 2 - Click on the edit button
    step 3 - Right hand side you can see document/web format you can select Document format for resonable size reduction and view

  5. What is the use of Complaints menu?

    You can raise your issue through compalint menu, History (complaints / replies) will be visible in the complains page

  6. How can we apply more than one departmnet?

    Create new user with different email id and apply to second one.

  7. I don't have any idea about my project Proposal, how can fill Research Proposal in the Apply to Department page?

    Write 5 line about what you will do when you get selected for this program, that will be useful for faculty to find your area of interest
    Other wise you can type "no idea about project proposal" and submit

  8. How would I come to know if my application has been submitted or not. Will I receive any acknowledgement?

    Once upload the bonafide certificate you can click on the "Submit My Application" menu you will get PDF application if PDF if created then your application is submitted successfully, you won't get acknowledgement from site/office

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